Are you an international or out-of-state visitor? Timberline welcomes visitors and first-time shooters from everywhere. We know Arizona is a magical place to visit, so make a visit to our shooting range part of your trip to the Grand Canyon State! Our knowledgeable, trained staff provide a safe and friendly way to experience the thrill of firearms. We will guide you through your Timberline Firearms experience and help you become a safe, informed, and prepared participant at our range. 

Timberline Firearms and Training is committed to SAFE and Responsible Firearms ownership and use.


Can I shoot at Timberline if I'm visiting from another country?

Yes, you are very welcome! Just bring an official form of ID (i.e. passport, government-issued ID).

Can I shoot at Timberline if I'm visiting from another U.S. state?

Yes, you are very welcome! Just bring an official form of ID. You can rent one of our firearms or shoot your own, if you have it with you.

What should I expect at a shooting range?

A lot of fun! In general, you will watch a brief safety video, gear up with eye/ear protection, and head into the range. One of our Range Safety Officers (or RSOs) will be in the range with you the entire time and is available to answer any questions. If you choose one of our New Shooter Packages, you will have a private RSO cover the basics with you beforehand in the classroom and help you in the range.

I've never been shooting before and want to try. Are there any options for me to recieve instruction and also shoot?

Yes! Check out our New Shooter Packages below. These include firearm rentals, private instruction, and all you'll need on the range.

Do I need to make reservations?

No reservations are needed to shoot at Timberline. The only time we ask for reservations is for groups larger than 6 people.

I'm traveling with a large group and we'd like to shoot. How should we go about this?

For groups of 6 or larger, we ask that you call and make a reservation. For larger groups, our entire private Bay 2 is available for rent for $120/hour, which would include 6 private lanes. Our staff will work with you to figure out which rental and/or instructional package will suit your group best.


Get oriented at our range before you visit! Click through this virtual tour to explore our entire facility from the Store, to the Range Lanes, Member’s Lounge and more!

Close-up of first time shooter holding a handgun at Timberline Firearms


We have over 30 firearms on our rental wall for you to choose from.  They span the entire spectrum from those with low recoil, which are great for first time shooters, to AK-47’s and a Full Auto M4. Our staff can help you understand and choose which firearm might suit you best. Details for rentals and our all-inclusive New Shooter Packages are highlighted below.

Standard Rentals:

$15/hr Single Firearm     $25/hr Multiple Firearms     $99 Full Auto

NEW SHOOTER packages

Our New Shooter Packages are a great option for beginners seeking 1:1 Safety Instruction and an all-inclusive package for everything they’ll need on the range! These packages are available for up to 2 individuals, and any additional shooters are $11/each.

*Ammunition costs vary depending on rental and is not included. Timberline range ammo must be purchased for all rental firearms.

Beginner - $99.99

  • One rental handgun or rifle
  • One target
  • Eye/ear protection
  • Range time
  • Safety instruction

Intermediate - $119.99

  • Unlimited rentals
  • Two targets
  • Eye/ear protection
  • Range time
  • Safety instruction

Professional - $189.99

  • Unlimited rentals
  • Full Auto machine gun
    • With two full magazines
  • Three targets
  • Eye/ear protection
  • Range time
  • Safety instruction


What are the range fees?

Lane rentals are $22/hr for the first shooter, and a second can join on the same lane for only $11.

How much are the firearm rentals?

Just $15 to rent any firearm, except the full auto firearms. Rental fee for multiple firearms is $25.

Can I rent fully automatic firearms?

Yes! Our package includes either a M4 Rifle or MP5 Pistol, 2 full magazines, eye/ear protection, a target and range fees.  All for just $99.

Do I need to have eye and ear protection?

Eye and ear protection are required when you are on the range. We have them available for rent for $5.

What should I wear?

We require closed-toe shoes on the range. We recommend avoiding low-cut shirts to avoid contact with hot brass.

What about targets?

We have a dozen different targets to choose from and they are $1.99 each.

What's the range length?

The indoor range length is 25 yards.

Are there age requirements?

Children 10 and older are allowed to shoot with a parent. Must be 18 to use the range without a parent. Must be 18 to rent a long gun. Must be 21 to rent a handgun.

Is Timberline Firearms Wheelchair accessible?

Yes! We have wheelchair accessible lanes available.