Arizona CCW Class

Timberline Firearms & Training

Shooting Range Instruction at Timberline Firearms by employee to guests.

This is a USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) class which is a basic firearm and safety program. Upon successful completion, you will be issued a certificate which can be used to apply for an Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit. Application Packets for the permit, fingerprint cards and locations will be provided.

We have a lot to cover in a few short hours, so please be on time and come prepared to learn and have fun! When you come into the shop, you can sign in and pay for the class at the cash register by the front door, then head into the classroom.After completion of the class you will have an opportunity to receive a $25 gift card to Timberline Firearms.

CLASS SCHEDULE (subject to change)
    • Sign in and payment for the class starts at 8:30AM and we will start promptly at 9AM. (we open at 8am, so feel free to come earlier if you like)
    • Lunch approximately 12PM-12:30PM- working lunch in the classroom for questions and discussion.
    • We encourage you to bring a lunch. We will have snacks and water available but there are no food services at the range.
    • Safety Video from 12:30pm-12:40PM
    • After lunch, we will head to the range for the shooting portion of the class. Your firearm handling, safety and shooting will be assessed during this time. (Don’t stress about this.)
    • If you don’t have a firearm, we have several available for rent.
    • After range time, we will return to the classroom or final lessons and testing.
    • Finish up by approximately 4:30PM.
  • Handgun, unloaded and cased. There is no ammo allowed in the classroom, no exceptions, so please leave your ammo in the car, you will have time to get your range gear after lunch.
  • Bring at least 25 rounds of ammunition and there is ammo for sale at the range. Bring more if you plan on shooting after class, one hour of range time is included in your class tuition.
  • Eye and ear protection (prescription glasses are ok)
  • Lunch and water (we have a water bottle filling station as well).

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