Intermediate Handgun

Timberline Firearms & Training

Woman shooting at target at Timberline Firearms shooting Range

This class teaches shooters how to quickly and safely draw their firearm from a holster and keep it functioning in defensive situations. Individuals taking this class should already possess a basic understanding of safe gun handling, how their firearm operates and marksmanship. In a fun, positive environment students will learn reloading techniques, malfunction clearance, use of cover and skill builders designed to enhance confidence and improve shooting. Successful completion is required for shooters who wish to draw from the holster at the Timberline indoor range. Students must have a belt mounted, outside-the-waistband holster which holds their
pistol on the strong side. A spare magazine holder is recommended, but not required.

    • Access to familiar pistol (own or rent)
    • Hard strong side outside-the-waistband belt holster, No cross draw, shoulder or ankle holsters.
    • Eye and ear protection
    • 200 rounds of practice ammunition
    • Student knows and practices firearms safety rules.
    • Student understands how his/her handgun operates.
    • Student is knowledgeable in basic marksmanship.
    • Student knows how to field strip and clean their handgun.

Lesson plan – Intermediate Handgun |  Range Rules | TFT Waiver and Release May 18